Metrologic Sector

An area specialized in the metrological evaluation of electrical energy measuring devices has been operating since 2014, capable of performing tests in accordance with the EN 50470 and EN 62053 Standards, assisting the customer both in the approval, research and development phase.

The test site, designed by INTEK S.p.A. and ZERA GMBH, leader in the sector, allows the combination of various devices with a very high degree of automation, guaranteeing quick test times and ensuring the quality of the results. The heart of the system, a wattmeter in class 0.02 is placed inside an automated station that allows testing up to five meters simultaneously, two of which in a climatic cell, with the possibility of varying room temperature.

Our extensive experience in testing and metrology allowed us to achieve, immediately after the commissioning phase, ACCREDIA accreditation with extremely positive judgment and the merit to work with the largest Italian producer of electricity meters.