INTEK is accredited by Accredia (Italian Accreditation Body) for the tests presented in this list.

What is the Accredia accreditation? Discover here.


INTEK is recognized by UL – Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (USA – Illinois), an approved safety test laboratory (Test Safety) according to the UL standards for product certification. INTEK partecipates in the Third Party Test Data Program (TPTDP) with file number UL DA928. The certificate can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in certifying your product with UL certification, we invite you to contact us: it will be our pleasure to put you in contact with the specialized staff of UL International Italia, who will determine the appropriate UL reference standards and provide you with a complete list of certification costs.

INTEK is approved by ACAE with the ACAE/ LOVAG IK01 code, an approved  testing laboratory in the electrical safety sector (Low-Voltage switchgear and controlgear).

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INTEK is recognized as a testing laboratory for UN ECE regulations with the state of San Marino to carry out tests on “Vehicles, systems, components and technical units for vehicles”.

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