High Power tests Sector

This very special sector, created at the end of 2006 following the acquisition by Intek of a 7.5 MVA transformer, is a reason for great professional satisfaction for the quality of the tests and measurements as well as for the collaboration with prestigious companies and institutions.

Also worthy of note is the traceability of the current measurement system directly with INRIM in accordance with EN 62475. This sector, where high energies come into play, captivates those who first approach these tests and intrigue physics enthusiasts for the high number and complexity of phenomena in play, from electrodynamic forces to plasmas passing through thermodynamics.

From this sector the study and subsequent publication of a mathematical method for the calculation of the power factor was initiated, which we proudly invite you to discover here.

List of available tests - use the "Search" box to find standards.
Standard referenceTest description
Short circuit tests
up to 20 kA 3F+N 480 Vac
up to 10kA 800 Vac
up to 5 kA 1000 Vdc
Short-circuit performance tests according to:
EN 60947-1 and 2
EN 60898
EN 61008
EN 61009
Tests of closing and interrupting power:
EN 60947-1 and 2 with high power
Execution of special tests according to customer specifications or third party bodies
Experimental measurements on components
Generation of magnetic fields also in impulsive form