Spin is a design, prototyping, and industrialization studio for electric motors and electromechanical devices and is composed of a technical team of engineers, programmers, and physicists capable of developing a project from idea to product industrialization.

To support customer projects and confirm virtual prototyping data, it has an in-house laboratory where construction materials can be analyzed, motor characteristics can be verified, custom measurement setups can be created, and prototypes and finished products can be tested.

It has been involved in electrification in all sectors for more than 30 years, proposing new technological solutions.


Motor test bench and automated dashboard allows detection of all major electro-mechanical characteristics:

  • Measurement of Back EMF (no-load induced voltage)
  • Inductance measurements
  • DC and AC resistance measurements
  • Measurement of mechanical torque and power
  • Realization of efficiency maps
  • Thermal characterization (S1,S2,S3)

It is possible to drive electric motors with power electronics.


The professional equipment in the laboratory allows testing of all magnetic properties of soft, hard materials and finished samples including stators, rotating machines, cores for electromagnets.

Measurements and tests on materials comply with standards:
IEC 60404-3
IEC 60404-4 
IEC 60404-5 
IEC 60404-7

Analysis and tests available:

  • B(H) magnetization curve and µ(H) permeability from DC to 1000 Hz
  • Specific losses Ps(B) and separation into eddy current and hysteresis losses up to 1000 Hz
  • Complete hysteresis cycle
  • Residual induction Br and Coercive force Hc on arbitrarily shaped samples
  • Br measurement with Helmholtz coils
  • Full measurement in the second quadrant and in temperature for permanent magnets

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